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tv   Countdown To The Primary  FOX  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> keith: new tonight had, a surfer had a scary encounter with a sea creature. good news, it was not a shark. >> kirstin: scary, though. the surfer had to get 18 stitches on the top of his head after he collided with a dolphin in black beach, california. a seaworld official says bottle
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once he's all healed up, he says he's goal back in the water. check this out. we all no 3-d gaming puts you into the action. >> keith: you may want to ease yourself into this new world of virtual reality gameing. this is the year of the gameer. a virtual reality, taking gamers where they always wanted to go. >> a new level of what video games can be. >> within the next year, a wide variety of virtual reality headsets will be available. october -- playstation. htv vibe is coming out with a model this year. google cardboard and samsung gear are available now. >> it's a new platform, new experiences, new possibilities. >> chris borden's company develops video games and simulations that use virtual reality. >> things you weren't able to do
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it takes you into a different world. >> but this new experience can leave some feeling sick. in a new study researchers at the university of wisconsin madison found even the best users were overcome with motion sickness. researchers played motion heavy videos for people through a 3-d virtual reality headset, and nearly two-thirds of them quit watching the videos early, overcome by nausea. >> doctors say it's similar to reading in a car, when you have a book in front of you, it tells your visual systems that you're still when you're not. >> it's a sensation disconnect. >> this doctor works for orlando health. he says virtual reality headsets can throw off the internal compass inside your inner ear. >> so you're seeing fast motion, but your ears aren't sensing the fast motion. >> doctors say people can benefit from a break-in period that slowly introduces them to the cues that cause motion sickness.
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for every hour you use the headset can be helpful. now developers are using that advice to build relief right into the technology. working to minimize nausea by syncing up with what they see to what they feel. >> rapid acceleration or deceleration, we try to avoid those things in order to minimize the effect of motion sickness. >> he says new headset users will have to define their own limits so their virtual experiences do not make them sick in the real world. and we reached out to samsung, google and htc. they say their devices come with user manuals that explain the warnings, including to stop using immediately if you feel dizzy or sick. oculus and am sung say the
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under the age of 13. i used one of these things a while back for about 10 minutes, and i was nauseous for 45 minutes. i had never heard of this before. >> kirstin: i couldn't imagine. >> keith: it was fun while you're doing it but i was dizzy for 45 minutes. that's a real phenomenon, folks. >> kirstin: and it's valentine's day tomorrow. millions of flowers will be given to sweethearts across america tomorrow. >> keith: you're probably going to get some, right? >> kirstin: i hope so. i hope you're watching, mister. >> keith: but not all of the red roses are grown in america. coming up, the intense and careful screening that those flowers get before they make their way into the u.s. >> brooks: also cool, it's outside. 45 right now in gainesville. look at jacksonville. 39 degrees. we're in the 50s for the most
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>> keith: we wish you a happy valentine's day tomorrow. >> 25,000 led roses lighting up the harbor area this weekend. the traveling art display making its way around the globe. dozens of people planting the
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>> kirstin: 36% of americans will get their sweetie some real flowers for valentine's day and they'll spend nearly $2 billion buying those bouquets. >> keith: that's a lot of green. the majority of those flowers are actually imported. how those flowers make their way into your vase. >> reporter: sifting, picking, inspecting. the fresh cut flowers are just one of more than 1 billion on u.s. soil after being grown in countries such as colombia and ecuador. before they reach your home, they've got to be hand approved as disease and pest free. >> a sample is taken out of the cargo, and they will then go through all of those samples. if they detect anything that could be harmful, they work with the united states department of agriculture to determine, well,
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mitigated through -- or does the product have to be destroyed. >> south florida is the hub for fresh cut flowers being imported into the united states. almost 90% of the flowers that come this time of year make their first stop right here at miami international airport. >> the u.s. customs and border protection agency deploys hundreds of agricultural specialists from all over the country. they're looking for smug would illegal drugs to more than 1400 different types of pests. some insects such as mice or beetles are very small. some are a little more than a blemish. >> our inspectors are really very highly educated. many have masters degrees, we have some with ph.d.'s. they are really experts at looking for the kinds of pests and the kinds of diseases that would harm american agriculture. >> why so much work? fresh flowers are a lucrative and growing business. the cbt reports a 21% increase
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but if infected with pests or diseases, this booming industry can quickly turn into a nightmare. >> some of the things that you've seen, they can cause harm to our agriculture strid. that's why these inspectors take their work so seriously. >> couples spend about $90 on average this weekend buying something for their sweetheart, totaling a projected 2 billion customers will be shelling out this valentine's day. in miami, florida, fox news. >> brooks: a good saturday evening, everybody. it is saturday night in the big town. we have the heaters on at the rooftop bar. temperature right now in orlando, 50 degrees. on our way down into the 40s overnight tonight. alachua county, marion county, maybe even sumter county and northern lake county could see upper 30s. but no frost expected, no winter weather warnings here. around the south, the mild air, right on the gulf coast is going
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today and tomorrow, the two cooler days that we'll have, and then we just go back way into the 70s. look up to the north. temperature right now in washington d.c., 16. 8 in new york. the temperature in boston is 1 below. mount washington, new hampshire, the current wind chill, 78 degrees below zero. that means we're about 130 degrees warmer than they are right now. so the big chill, the deep freeze over the northeast and mid-atlantic. as we go through the next 48 hours or so. for us, it's cold, and it's relative. 44 degrees overnight tonight. so out the door early in the morning to church, work, wherever you might be going, it's going to be cool and then tomorrow's high, 69 degrees. we do add a few clouds into the forecast tomorrow afternoon but no chance of rain. we do see some rain showers late monday into tuesday. maybe a thunderstorm. and then we clear out. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday.
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over at daytona. >> a bunch of wrecks and a wild finish for the sprint unlimited to open up speed week. we'll see how we got to denny hamlin as your stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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>> hello from victory lane. welcome to the fox 35 sportszone. we had a terrific sprint unlimited race tonight. they started with 25 cars, they ended with about a half of a dozen. always have a lot of wrecks in this one. the first big one came on lab 24, brian vickers in the car replacing tony stuart. he loses a tire. bangs into the wall. collects greg biffle, dale earnhardt junior, all those guys involved.
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all the rest of those guys would continue on in the race. how about lap 44 now? jimmie johnson loses control after getting bumped by casey mears. he spins out. his nose breaks off completely into the grass there. this goes the hood of the car. fifth straight unlimited race ending in a wreck for jimmie johnson. the real good stuff happened very late in this race. three laps to go. carl edwards get loose, near the front of the pack, he collects brad keselowski, casey mears again, also kyle busch, a big wreck. and that would set up what we thought would be some major final lap drama, and we would get it with one lap to go, a half a dozen cars just behind the leaders, martin truex junior involved, matt kenseth, brad keselowski again, the guy couldn't avoid it all night. and danica patrick. that meant that the jgr cars,
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much of the night and went on to get the win. joey logano was second. paul men arrested was third. joe gibbs racing has won four of the last five sprint unlimiteds. quite the race for denny hamlin. >> well, you know, the last time we won here, i think we finished first, first, and second through the weekend. we won our dual. and we finished second in the 500 to junior. just need one more to finish it off. we know what to do. we know how to ourselves. and hopefully it all works out just as well on sunday. >> bad news for deny i, the year 2000 was the last time a sprint unlimited winner went on to win
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for >> that's it for us, guys.
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>> countdown to florida. the campaign is heading south. >> that is a low blow.
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with this campaign because we don't see it as just another campaign. >> the drama builds as polished politicians start to faulter. >> it's not whether you'll get knocked down. it matters whether you'll get back up! [cheering and applause] >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. >> and washington outsiders continue to build strength. >> it will be changing very rapidly. i'm very capable of changing to anyone every anything i want to change to. >> are you ready to decide? your march to the polls starts right here. >> you decide countdown to florida primary. i'm john brown. the rumble down south the heating up as they fight for south carolina. the south carolina g.o.p. primary is one week away, saturday february 20th and that's when g.o.p. voters go to the polls and there are a total of 50 delegates up for grabs. nevada had 43 $dell guts are at stakes and some other important
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1st and the florida primary coming up on march 15th. soever the next half hour, we have analysts and experts covering every possible angle that you decide. we have frank torres and lois are breaking down the winners and losers, in our good week, bad week segment and mike sign an -- synan is here to weigh in. and our political editor craig patrick will talk about the democrats, why hillary clinton may be in some trouble and scott maxwell from the orlando seminole will give us an opinion. so let's take a look at some of the latest numbers here as we start off in this week and kaitlin joins us now with more on that. so what do you have for us? >> we have the latest south carolina poll numbers. we have donald trump in the lead with 36%. not a huge surprise and ted cruz is in second with 20% and senator marco rubio inside third at 13%. up the rear of the pack, we have
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10%, and dr. ben carson has down to about 9%. >> everybody's numbers have gone up a little bit because there are a few people on the race, right. >> exactly. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is at 62% and bernie sanders is at 33, a little bit of a change from new hampshire. >> and in a will you tell of cases, people are spending a lot of money trying to get these votes and when you break that down, the numbers are pretty shocking. >> it's really interesting, so we have the numbers here. in the lead, governor jeb bush spent over $1,000 per vote, 1,0686 per vote -- >> wow! >> up in second place, governor chris christie with $139 and he's not even in the race and marco rubio with 156. ted cruz, $11:per vote and then we have donald trump with 31,
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sanders and clinton are about even. clinton with $52. >> when you see those dollars how much are being spent, it's pretty amazing, especially when you talk about jeb bush. >> yes, i know. >> it's a huge amount of money and he didn't place super high. >> thanks, kaitlin. we appreciate it. next to the sights and sounds of the campaign trail, here is more with the battle for the south. >>. >> reporter: onward to south carolina and it looks like all the candidates are targeting one person, front runner donald trump. >> we're going to bomb using a vulgarity and i for one as a candidate, unless i'm caught with a camera that i need to see i'm not going to use profanity in the public. >> we're going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. >> texas senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio are both looking to bounce back. >> and now south carolina is always -- presidential race. historic role, accusing --
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campaign. we're going to win this primary. it's important to the country and i'm fired up about that. >> he calls himself a happy warrior, he thinks his campaign is positive >> if we're going to fix america we're going to have someone that reminds people; we're not democrats or republicans, we are americans and entry to beat the challenge that we are americans. >> over on the democratic side. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge -- >>. >> reporter: bernie sanders admits south carolina is going to be a tough one for him. hillary clinton is heavily favored among african-americans, but analysts say young, black college aged voters may be tired of clinton. >> i know i have some work to do particularly with young people. >> democrats and progressives win when voters -- voter turnout is high. >> now, we take this campaign to the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote in every state -- >> polls show that hillary
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of the african-american vote but one college student told reporters there may be young voters will be looking for a fresh face, because we've already seen hillary. amy, fox 35 news. mike sign an joins us to -- synan to talk about it now. now we're talking about the establish -- establishment here. he could -- who could emerge? >> if it's not marco rubio, then it's not going to be anybody. donald trump is steam rolling the party right now and when you look at ted cruz, he's firmly in second place, he really has not been the establishment either. he's been sort of a thorn on everybody's side in the senate, and so the establishment really doesn't have anybody right now, unless marco rubio, or jeb bush can find some kind of way to break up. >> and i think that's why jeb bush has a chance here because he talked about establishment money and support and endorsements. if marco rubio continues to slide, they're not going to go for donald trump and they're not
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we've heard he doesn't get along with much of the establishment. >> look, the rank and file g.o.p. voters can just not find a way to get over the fact that he is the son of george bush and the brother of george w. bush. so jeb bush's campaign isn't going anywhere. he's had months to overcome this burden and has shown no sign of doing so. >> okay. you've lived in south carolina for a while. your thoughts on the ground, does donald trump has have a shot there? >> absolutely. he has a great shot there because so many voters are disaffected but the one thing that's clear about south carolina politics is it is down and dirty and in my day it was a lot of robo calls that were made in the state of carolina. well, technology is changing things so the primary way to are a -- reach voters now is probably social immediately. the tricks are going to be dirty and it will be interesting to see what kinds of things that have been said -- will be said about donald trump, especially his personal life that haven't
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i'm fascinated to see that. ted cruz really inside a great position in south carolina, because this date does have -- this state does have a lot of evangelical voters and they could have a lot of family value voters, so it will it will be interesting to see how they place. >> one week the hero and next week the zero. >> a disappointment is not on you; it's on me. >> coming up our good week; bad week segment is coming up. >> another political fun fact for you. william mckinley was the first presidential candidate to campaign in using the telephone.


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